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 However, the question is always where to focus your efforts. We wanted to know the most popular kitchen remodeling ideas for 2021, so we asked a few of our favorite interior designers for their thoughts. Here are the trends they think will be big in the coming year.

1. Upgrade to smart appliances

Most kitchen appliances are expected to last for around 10 years, and if yours are reaching the end of their lifespan, it might be time to replace them. If you’re in the market for new kitchen appliances, you should definitely check out today’s smart appliances, which can be controlled via your smartphone.

2. Create an “appliance garage”

Most people have at least one or two small appliances that live on the kitchen countertop—for me, it’s my KitchenAid stand mixer and toaster. However, if you’re tired of seeing them all the time, you can hide them away with this cool cabinet feature.

“We are seeing a lot of people adding appliance garages or pantries complete with electrical so that ugly appliances don’t have to sit on your countertops,” says Anne Carr of Anne Carr Design.

3. Design a custom range hood

You can add some flair to your kitchen with a custom range hood: “Skip the stainless range hood!” recommends Kate Lester of Kate Lester Interiors. “We like to use a range hood insert instead and then design a custom hood around it. You can use plaster, shiplap, or other wood trim detailing to create a focal point that is an additional design element in the kitchen.”

Insert hoods from brands like Bertazzoni give you maximum air extraction power above your range—important if you’re known to occasionally burn things when cooking—while still allowing you to customize the look of your kitchen

4. Extend cabinets up to the ceiling

Many kitchen cabinets stop just a foot or so shy of the ceiling—but why? You can create a more seamless design in your kitchen by extending them all the way up.

“If you are designing a kitchen, it's more than likely your cabinets will have to be custom made,” says Lester. “So, why not take advantage of any extra storage space by taking the cabinets all the way to the ceiling. Those upper areas are great places to store things you only use seasonally.”

Some people also opt for glass fronts on their upper-most cabinets, creating the perfect safe space to display your favorite pieces of fine china and other décor.